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Amazing IKEA Facts That Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Need some off the wall but interesting IKEA facts? We have compiled the internets best facts to blow your mind about one of the largest and most successful furniture companies on the planet! IKEA furniture!


1) IKEA’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, is notoriously frugal. The 88-year-old entrepreneur, who has a net worth of a whopping $3.9 billion, lives in a modest home, flies economy when he travels, rides the bus, and even shops in his local markets at the end of the day to get the best bargains.

IKEA’s crazy (and iconic) product names (think: MALM, EXPEDIT) actually have a logic to them, and they were chosen to serve Kamprad’s dyslexia. In his original furniture business, the founder had trouble remembering the codes for each product, which were identified by a series of numbers, so he created a naming system. For example, garden furniture is named after Swedish islands, chairs and desks have men’s names, and large pieces of furniture are named for Swedish places.

One BILLY bookcase is sold in the world every 10 seconds.

This year, 212 million copies of the IKEA catalog were printed in 29 languages and 62 editions. For comparison, that’s more than double the average world sales of the Bible each year.

So with over 10,000 products available for sale this year alone why not grab a catalog, design something you like and hire JDE Intsalls for all you IKEA Furniture building needs!

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