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Tips on Hiring the right Handyman/Pro!

Have you ever tried to do an installation yourself? Come across something you feel as if should be easy and you could knock it out without the help of a handyman/professional! If so, you'll know that it sometimes can be extremely difficult finding yourself stuck halfway through without knowing "the right way" to complete it. So what do you do? Many people have found success by hiring a trained professional such as our company (JDE Installs). But honestly there are a few things you should know before you go out and just hire the first handyman or contractor that approaches you!_This post will hopefully help you on what you need to know to make sure you select an amazing profesional that will successfully create an amazing installation!

If you're looking for quality installations, amazing customer service and top notch work that you never have to worry about, the best method we have found would be looking for these things 3 things:

  • Make sure your Handyman/Pro lets you Speak! A real professional listens to the needs of the customer and helps expand upon them! JDE Installs not only will lend our ears but will help you expand upon your visions and bring them to life!

  • Ensure your Pro/Handyman has thorough reviews, is well organized, professional and has the proper credentials to follow through with the task at hand!

  • Last but not least, listen to your gut! It's your space, house, office etc... Ultimately its your choice and you need to be happy with it!

  • Any good Pro should be able to read these signs and go from there! It's not about quantity its about quality and with each and every installation JDE Installs creates, we strive to keep these principles intact!

So weather your looking for IKEA furniture to be built, Flat screen installations, major remodeling in your home or something as simple as hanging a fan look for these three principles and make your conclusion from there!

JDE Installs not only can provide you with amazing installations but wonderful customer service building friendships not clients!

Till next time!

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